All the cast Members

*may alter as more  CHARACHTERS are added in the movie* ALL OF THE CAST BELOW ARE REAL>>NO LIES
Character Name Actor/Actress
Bella Kristen Stewart
Edward Robert Pattinson
Charlie Billy Burke
Alice Ashley Greene
Rosalie Nikki Reed
Jasper Jackson Rathbone
Emmett Kellan Lutz
Carlisle Peter Facinelli
James Cam Gigandet
Jacob Black Taylor Lautner
Jessica Anna Kendrick
Mike Newton Michael Welch
Eric Justin Chon
Angela Christian Serratos
Billy Black Gil Birmingham
Esme Elizabeth Reaser
Laurent Edi Gathegi
Victoria Rachelle Lafevre
Renee Sarah Clarke
Tyler Gregory Tyree Boyce
Waylon Forge Ned Bellamy
Phil Matt Bushell
Mr. Molina Jose Zuniga





  1. well I love the Edward they picked I think he’s so hot!!!! Jacob is too!!!! But I picture someone different for jasper… Not that he isn’t cute but I didnt picture him…

  2. ok i love the jacob they picked, taylor lautner, he is just…WOW… the edward is ok but thats not exactly who i pictured. i pictured sum1 a lot hotter than that but i guess i can deal with Robert Pattinson because he is still good looking!!!

  3. who are phil waylon forge and mr.molina??? did i miss something???

  4. edward is soo cute!!!! i absulotly LOVE the book so i know ill love the movie to.:) i cant wait until it comes out in theaters and in stores!!!!!

  5. hey i love who you picked for the characters…i just got done reading the book

  6. i think that jacob black is the cutest werewolf i’ve ever seen. edward is the hottest vampire i’ve ever seen. i love all the books so i know i’ll love the movie. i canot wait until it comes out in theaters and in stores. i’m defenitly going to hot topic to get the soundtrack.

  7. The only thing I want to know is if Taylor Lautner who plays Jacob is Native American. His role is so pivotal to the Twiligt universe and it would be awesome to have an actual Native American actor as role model. There are so few NA actors as it is.

  8. who was the guy that was casted as embry call because i think he should have been jacob…either him or my boyfriend who is native american and looks dean on how the book describes jacob…

  9. i love the books. Edward isn’t how i pictured him at all but i love the movie anyway. Bella i think isn’ ta good choice she just dosent seem like someone whoe fits in the story.
    can’t wait to see the movie !

  10. Comment by denysse on October 31, 2008 1:31 pm
    who are phil waylon forge and mr.molina??? did i miss something???

    Phil is Renee’s husband, Mr molina is bella’s teacher and i dunno who waylon forge is

  11. whoa are Waylon Forge,Phil and Mr.Molina,they arent in the book,adding characters is lame.
    and the choices for bella and edward andjacob are good,but the rest not so much.

  12. edward is beautiful! as well as bella. hm. i saw taylor’s pix when his hair was cut short, he’s cuter. and i think they look a bit more mature than how i imagined them. but overall, im excited to witness Twilight! =)

    and one more thing, think i can’t remember phil, waylon, and mr. molina. did they have any special roles in the book? hmm.

  13. i think the cast is absoltuly perfect. as i read the book the images i had in my mind of the characters are almost identical

  14. wow your website anwsered a lot of my questions and actually made me want to see the movie, i was actually mad they were making twilight out of a movie and i didnt like the characters but i guess i have to get over it… =( i do think Edwards character dude fits his role but anyways thanks a lot your website rocks =)

  15. Robert Pattinson is ok but i don’t think he should play the part of Edward he is not hott enough. Nikki Reed should not play the part of Rosalie, Nikki is very pretty but Rosalie is a blond and Nikki Reed’s face is not made for blond hair. But all of the other actors and actresses fit their characters and i just hope that the story isn’t changed tooo much in the movie. I an excited to see it. +D

  16. I do not like the Edward they picked. I’m sorry but he’s not the unbelievably hot, and gorgeous guy described in the book. I think some of the choices a good but others are just not right. Keep in mind: All Vampires are supposed to be these to good to be true amazingly pretty and sexy beings. I also hate how they add stuff or mix up things they’ve said. I hope that the actors are good and don’t murder this movie like the Harry Potter movies.

    Could they at least have given Edward some decent sunglasses?

  17. oh my edward!,
    i cannot say how much i love the book and movie, its just something that will be a part of me forever.
    i love all the charachters in the movie but i fear thet the twilight movie will not be as good as the book.
    i love EDWARD

  18. I love the jacob they chose! but im not sure about he Edward. i pictured someone passionate. And i dont know about bella. but i’ll just have to see how good kristen stewart turns out to be. I CANT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE! I HOPE ITS BETTER THAN THE BOOK! WELL NOT REALLY CAUSE NOTHING IS BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL!

    (:_*-I LOVE TWILIGHT!-*_:)

    ~The Shortest Twilight Fan Ever! SV.~

  19. I am so in love with the twilight series. It is unlike anything i have ever read in my life. I feel so jealous of kristen stewart. She gets to be around so many hotties. I am so extatic about seeing the movie Twilight. I just hope that I don’t end up waiting in line to see it, just like when I had to wait in line to see The Dark Knight. I had to wait for hours. At least I know I have the soundtrack now. It is so totally awsome. I love the first track, its so spooky. So like the movie. Wonder when they are going to use it.

  20. why is jasper wearing a wig????
    edwards lovely but he shud be palerr!!

  21. damn jacob black is so damn hot but the cast for the cullens and bella could have been alot better and that the werewolves should be played by actual native americans cuz i find that kind of offensive being one myself but i cant wait to see the movie

  22. Well my suggestions are that Kristen Steward doesn’t make it for Bella. When the cameras show up on her she doesn’t know anything and she starts mumbling. Many people are just mad with her because she doesn’t deserve that place. Edward is so hot! the one in the movie.

  23. oh my god!! why have they not included renesme in this movie?!?! i know its only twilight..but shouldnt they just have the whole story in the movie?!!?!…i was sooo looking forward to watching all of it!

  24. I REALLY do not like the guy that was chosen to play edward….he is too scrawny looking…….nothing like the edward you imagine when you read the book 😦

  25. HAHA my bad…its only the first book that the movie is based on…sorry guys! got carried away there……i really hope they turn all the books into movies…but it will take FOREVER before breaking dawn is finally out huh 😦


  27. I luv the books, but im not so sure about the movie. I do want to see it so bad tho! I’m jusst no sure how its going to be because the movie IS going to be a lot differnt from the book becuase the book is longer, but the actors who are playing them are……..AWESOME!!!! Jacob, Edward, and Bella are my favoirte!!! Jasper is kewl, and Emmette is so bad-ass! Alice does look graceful and Rosalie looks really mean and all! The perfect character! I just cant wait to see the move!! (Cuz i’ll know what to expect, and my family wont! Sucks fro them!)

  28. I love Edward he is soooooo cute. A major Hottie!!!!
    I loved the book and have read the whole

  29. series and lovedd it so I know I am bound to love the movies!!!!

  30. Honestly, I was very disappointed [I was close to crying!] when I first saw the cast and the trailer. I didn’t like Bella and Edward [nothing personal against the actors] and for my taste, I wasn’t satisfied with the way the vampires looked. I imagined them to be more magnificent. I hated Robert Pattinson the moment I saw him as Edward. That was a long time ago. I think I’m beginning to accept him as Edward now ’cause I don’t have much choice if I am to enjoy the movie. I do wish I’d like it and that my first impressions of it would be wrong.


  32. Phil is the guy her mom marrys but i dont know who the other two are…im guessing that Mr. guy is the biology teacher …maybe

  33. 4 sum strange reason i thought steven striat was in this movie…lmao
    when i saw the previews… i really thought it was him, one of da bad guys… lol what a dumbass i am…. lmao

  34. I have all the books and i love them. and i cant whate to see the movie.

  35. i dont think that they had a good choice with all the cast members.. i mean, kristen, robert and peter are so far okay but with ashley, nikki, kelan and jackson i dont think so.. i think that kelan has a bigger head than his body (no offense though..)im sure there are other good actors to play the parts.. like tom welling could be a perfect emmet..the way they looked when i read the book is way different than what i thought they would look like in the movie.. the book is a whole lot better!

  36. I think they could have done WAYYYY better for edward (looks wise), they did great on Alice(she is soo B.E.A.U.tiful. I love how they did everyone, Bella is good(looks wise), but she is just so ragged looking I pictured her more deliquite.

  37. I am from an older generation born in the late 60’s. I didn’t even realize Twilight was marketed to Young Adults. From the first line I was hooked. I have read the series several times. I feel the cast is really quite good choices. Unfortunately movies never do an author justice. I think the trailers make Twilight the movie exciting. Of course it is not going to be verbatim to the book. It would be a 6 hour movie. That’s not a bad idea though. I would gladly watch a 6 hour movie of anything that Stephenie Meyers has written. I can’t wait until Friday! After I saw the trailers I went back and read the book again and I still feel that the characters are good choices – Especially Edward and Bella. They make a realistic and very sexy romantic couple. It isn’t just about the way they look, it is how their souls connect and the way they fill the void in each other. Congratulations Stephanie Meyers!

  38. did u know that edwad is from harry hotter he plays sedrec diggery in the fourth movie! i like him but hes not what i pictured even though he deffinat;y WORKS!!!!!! =)

  39. I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) IT WAS AWESOME!!! DA BOOOOK ROCKED 2!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!! EDWARD IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS SUCH A ROMANTIC MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. ok so i love robert pattinson for edward, and at first i thought who they picked for bella was stupid, but after i saw the movie i think she was perfect maybe not how i pictured bella but the personalty matched the book great, then omg jasper is perfect and after i saw twilight so is alice and emmett but im still not sure on rosalie

  41. I really loooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is the best movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Robert Pattinson!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a toatal hunk he is a hot beast i love him

  42. i’m in love with the books and i agree w/ alot of theppl that commented here: i don’t like the bella that they picked, it just doesn’t fit her in the real story.
    the jasper, emmett, and DEFINATELY alice actors (and actress) are perfect
    robert pattinson is SOOO not who i pictured, but after i saw the movie, well, he works…
    i SOOOO excitedfor the rest of the movies b/c ive read all of the books and im tired of waiting!!!
    but im a little wary about New Moon b/c i didnt like that book out of all of them, it was boring w/o edward there!!!!!
    i love twilight

  43. yea, edward is SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT as hawt as i imagined that he should be
    (even though stephanie meyer didnt leave us that much to imagine with!!!!!!)

  44. oh I think the bella they picked looks right i mean kristen looks fragile and helpless, adn the edward is right too actually i think all the cats fit in well

  45. i’ve read all the twilight books and there amazing. I think CLAIRE on November 14, 2008 is right. I mean if it wasn’t for S.M. there would never be a Twilight. I LOVED THE MOVIE IT WAS AMAZING. The actors did a great job. I loved Edward. He is so HOT. I think Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart where the best actors in the movie. I am so happy they got picked to be in Twilight. They really made me believe that everything was real. I can’t wait until Twilight comes out on DVD.

  46. i’ve read all the twilight books and there amazing. I think CLAIRE on November 14, 2008 is right. I mean if it wasn’t for S.M. there would never be a Twilight. I LOVED THE MOVIE IT WAS AWESOME. The actors did a great job. I loved Edward. He is so HOT. I think Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart where the best actors in the movie. I am so happy they got picked to be in Twilight. They really made me believe that everything was real. I can’t wait until Twilight comes out on DVD.

  47. I think they chose a good cast but could have done better with Edward. I imagined him way hotter, but I suppose Robert Pattinson will do. Edward, Bella and Alice are my favourite characters.

  48. I hope the movie is as good as the book, I haven’t seen it yet but I’m dying to. I’ve read the series twice, my dad calls me a book worm.

  49. ok , well i love every one in the movie ( :

  50. oh , i think all the cast fits greatly with the book and the movie.
    edward is played so perfectly , i mean robert seems very vampire-ish . : D
    taylor playes jake like , extremley well. ive had a crush on this kid for the longest time. and it would really wreck the whole movie if they changed anyone. , i dont think that many people would see the movie if they changed the cast. so please DONT CHANGE ANYONE. !

  51. Being of an older generation (early 70’s), I didn’t think that I would particularly enjoy a teenage love story involving vampires. Yet after purchasing the books on the advice of a teacher friend, I was hooked! The books are so well written, pulling the reader in and making one believe that it could be real. Brought back memories of one’s first real love, with all the emotions involved. Am anxiously awaiting the publication of ‘Midnight Sun’. Very intrigued about Edward’s point of view. Do hope that Stephenie Meyer proceeds with it. Went to see the movie, and even with the changes enjoyed it enormously. Thought the choice of cast was quite good. Can’t wait for the next movie.

  52. OMG!!! New moon is coming out soon..YAY in November. i think i can wait. lol. UGHHH IM STUCK IN A FANTASY WORLD.

  53. hey im now reading all the books for the 17th time!! i loved the movie and the people in it as well… people are allways saying Jasper dosen’t look right but i think he is hot!!!! Robert Pattinson is ok but i didn’t picture Edward like that but he still ok. im so envy of Ashley Greene but she is my perfect Alice.. although im still envy coz of her with jackson Rathbone… WOW….. NWE MOON IS COMMING OUT ON THE 20TH NOVEMBER 2009.
    love u Jasper

    Zoe xxx

  54. Who will be playing Jaspers friends Charlotte and Peter ??

  55. i love edward and jacob. i dont have words

  56. do the other movies have a differnt edward or bella?

  57. heyy everyone……..Robert i want to tell you how that it must be hard doing what you are doing now…..Man if i was in your position, i would hate the attention, and i would be crawling up in a ball…..if you like tthe attention thats great, but i understand what you are going through…….heyy if you can call me at 7325510427…..we should talk some time.<3333 oh by the way my name is danielle

  58. wow. that is not how i pictured carlisle at all! BUT OMG TAYLOR LAUTNER IS SO HOT!

  59. I love anything && everything Twilight!! obssessed with all the books. i thought they did an amazing job. think they need to keep the same cast && do a movie for all 4 books!! 🙂

  60. I thought that everyone that played in the movie was perfect. I loved every character and each one of them did a great job. I just wish I was able to play Bella. She is so lucky to have kissed Edward. The books are just great as well and I’m really lookind forward to seeing the next movie New Moon. Hats off to Stephanie Meyer for writing the books that captivated me and swept me off my feet as with everyone else who has ventured into the books and movie.

  61. Phil is renee’s husband

  62. Waylon Forge was the guy who was killed in the boat and “Santa”

  63. I saw the movie before reading the books, but I read them straight after, then saw the movie again.
    they changed a lot of stuff. I was heart broken when I saw Emmett with no curls!! hes one of my fav characters too. I thought Alice was perfect, the actress played Bella too self assured and graceful. actually, having seen interviews with Stewart online, she pretty much played herself in the movie…

    I loved the way Rob Pattinson played Edward though, I actually prefered him in the movie to the books…

    but Jake black… wow. is it wrong to fancy a guy 8 years younger than me???? hes so hot. ut he’s not native American is he?? its a pity they couldnt have cast the part authentically, hopefully for subsequent movies they will be able to get more Native American actors.

    then again, I guess Edward was played by an Englishman, and ROsalie was played by a brunette so you gotta make do with what you can find.

  64. i think when the new moon movie comes out you should have the song Waking the demond By Bullet For My Valentine…for jacob…

  65. I love Twilight♥ forever.Iwatched the movie about 20x.I wish I could see all the stars.I love Twilight soooooooooooooooooooooo much♥♥♥….Mandy

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