We got three interviews and like new pictures and so if you would like to view them….the photos are cool. So click more

Sorry I dont feel like uploading the whole long interviews so here there are just click them if you are interested… I OWN NONE OF THEM

And here are some more interesting photos of Robert and his Stunt doubles ( ©TWILIGHTERS OWNS THIS)

Amazing they all look alike! So much it is eerie.

Now just the doubles notice they are wearing baseball shirts…they are producing the baseball scene right now or rehersing right now.

is that robert or stunt double?

 It is the stunt double!

Robert new style? hmm?

New photo of Edward:




  1. Twilight is the BEST ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the movie is so awesome!!! it is awesome!!!! if u dont like it then u suck my fav. characters are all the cullens and bella the other people are boring jacob too the other school people are fav scene is the baseball scene especially when they start snarling!! :):):):)

  2. I love Twilight for ever.I watched the movie about 20x.i wish i could see all the stars.I love Twilight sooooooo much♥……

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