Filming in Oregon (LONGEST BLOG EVR) read!

ON February 25th the cast of Twilight will start filming in Oregon (for most of the School INDOOR shots)  later they will go to Forks to do Outdoor shots. Here is Peter Facinelli (who plays Carlisle) he posted something about Twilgith on his Myspace: 

Bellas Truck: These may or may not be the trucks Bella has in Forks but they are drop dead close..and are on the twilght set:  Thanks *Note she owns this photo*

Here are some Photos of Kalama High that they are shooting Indoor School Scences in Oregon:  R.A. Long HS The Forks High School Outdoor shots will be shot in Forks.  The Parking Lot at Kalama High: Kalama HS (They will need that for a special scene) Thanks ! Some unknown cast members have joined their roles have not been submitted to the public but the actors are for sure in the movie : are all the locations that are going to be filmed :

Kalama High School,    Kalama, Washington, USA   Longview, Washington, USA   Portland, Oregon, USA Forks, Washington, USA R. A. Long High School,  Longview, Washington, USA Vancouver, Washington, USA.  

Here is what press had to say about Extras:  No one knows the names of the other guys on the police force but obviously they exist. I’m sure there are even more than 10 named students attending Forks HS, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the town gas station attendant where Bella gases her truck has a name.Movies are a visual medium. They need to add/delete characters for Bella to talk to to advance the plot. The whole movie can’t be a voice over happening in Bella’s head.
The added characters (so far a waitress and a guy on the force) seem to be minor roles that will advance the plot.”    

Oh some news on the breaking dawn book: Get ready to read.. because the editors have made an estimation that it is going to be around and maybe over 800 pages… the wait drags on..well i hope August 2nd comes faster this year so i can get the book.  Oh and i was wrong… this blog aint that long after all.


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