Jane is Dakota Fanning….??? New Moon In Italy

Well as many of you have probably heard…Jane is  to be played by Dakota Fanning. In my opinion she will do fine.  Not to be rude, but there has been a lot of Internet fights over whether they like Dakota to be Jane. Well please, not on this site. I will not approve of any bashing of her. Lets just keep our minds open….

As for Jacob Speculations… it has been put to rest that Taylor Launter will be playing Jacob still. (HE IS SOO FINE!) haha.

Productions start in March, and thats when i will get all the Lastest Photos on set and secret clips and what not…stay tight. They are to shooting part of New Moon according to ACESHOWBIZ for about two weeks in may. So that should be exciting, of course after shooting in Vancouver in March.

Till more News Comes out,



New Moon

yo! so all of you know there will be a new moon movie coming out and that filming will start as of March. So I am just staying on the DL like I said. Hope you all have a great holiday!


P.S when its time for New Moon I will keep you updated. Till than….

Okay what do to? NEW MOON?

So now that Twilight is out? What to do? I mean i can no longer give you info on the TWILIGHT movie.

Cause it is out in theaters now (US , Phillipenes …did i spell that right?).  So what am i to do? Well in a

recent interview Kristen did talk about a New Moon MOVIE coming out possibly. So once I get info on that I will

start posting. on NEW MOON! Isnt that cool? but until than…i am gonna stay on the DL. Cant wait! Hope you all enjoy our twilight phenonmenon…. wow i suck at spelling today. I am such a freak!

Nov. 18th – 3 days till TWILIGHT!!

Hey everyone! So with the premire a lot of clips of the movie has been leaked. I do not want to put anymore videos on here. Cause than at the Movie theater…your gonna be like ” I already saw this scene…thanks twilight cast. ARGG!” so ya I am not putting up any more scenes just lets get ready and brace for the popcorn and giant soda we are gonna chug on FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


November 15th – 6 days to go.


“I love you. It’s a poor excuse for what I’m doing, but it’s still true.” – Edward Cullen. Twilight Book.

“I love you more than everything else in the world combined. Isn’t that enough?”-Bella Swan. Twilight Book.

POLL and new forrest footage below.

THE NEXT BLOG BELOW HAS EVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE. (just warning you.) So a lot of you have told me that you dont think robert pattison is truly edward. Yes I agree I imagine him ore sparkly…but he is alright to me. But what do you think?

P.s i never choose cast of twilight for like the 50th time, im sorry if the cast are not the way you imagined. 🙂 have a great day twilighters!

I have the Twilight Chills.

So let me tell you my story. I was being the usual twilight nerd. And i went on youube and went looking for footage that i have not seen yet.

And i found it. And I got the chills. So here to pass on my chills. Is the Forrest Scene.

this is real. this is all very real. YOU THINK YOU MIGHT OF SEEN THIS A FEW WEEKS AGO> but no. no you have not.

So what did you think? Wow. that was stunning huh? Its amazing how after seeing it 3498734732 times…i still am hyperventalating. (if that is how you spell it.)

NEXT! if you truly want to be spoiled this is your video. because there are so many spoliers released in this video i found. So warning to the twilighters…do not watch if you dont want spoilers.

okay. have a good week!!!!!!! everyone!